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GPS Tracking system

Online tracking platform and mobile applications

Vehicle tracking and Fleet Management

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Secure and track valuables remotely



GPS Tracking Software that includes both Web Based and Mobile App for convenience of monitoring, tracking and getting reports or notifications on the go. With great features to give you all the information you need for the best Fleet Management Solution.

Main Features

  • Real Time Tracking
  • History Playback
  • History & Reports
  • Fuel Savings
  • GeoFencing
  • POI & Tools
  • Mobile Application
  • SMS & Email Notifications
  • Maintenance Records
  • Customer Login Area
  • Admin Login Area


Vehicle Tracking Devices that are Portable, Compact, Easy to Install, Long Battery Life and that come with guarantee. We only sell the best to our clients.

Main Features

  • OBD Connectivity, Simple to Install, Easy to Use.
  • Internal U-box 6M GPS Module with A-GPS
  • Internal Immobilizer for Anti-Theft
  • Internal 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Supports all OBD Protocols
  • 8 Types Driver Behaviour Detects
  • FOTA (Firmware Update via GPRS from FTP Server)
  • Auto APN Identification
  • Auto Time Zone Indentification
  • Voice Monitor
  • Supports SAEJ1939 CANBUS protocol
  • Support SAE J1708/J1587 Protocol.


Information is Power. The additional information you need with devices that can be integrated with the GPS Tracking Devices.

Padlock: Smart reporting Lock that keeps you updated in real-time

Padlock is our latest version of the award-winning Padlock – combining advanced GPS and GSM technology with a versatile locking system. It provides notifications in real-time with any predefined irregular event – acting both as a security and as a monitoring solution. Padlock protects your assets and communicates with you – no matter where you or your assets are.

It is both versatile and user friendly. The cube’s electronics shell can fit a variety of C10 padlocks from various manufactures.

Padlock is equipped with high-end electronic components and its battery lifetime is extended four folds compared with Padlock.

Main Features

  • Extended Battery Life: Use any AA Battery.
  • User Friendly: Easy to control and use.
  • Can be used Anytime; Anywhere.
  • Versatile Design: Can fit wide range of locks.
  • Real Time Information.
  • Weight: 910gr (Padlock Included).
  • Wide Temperature Range: Can operate under extreme conditions.
  • Dimensions: 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 8.0cm (17cm with C2 Shackle).
  • Autonomous Unit: No installation or Wiring Required.

Information is Power; Get your GPS Trackers Now!

Durable | Compact | Easy to Use | Easy to Install